The Northern Photographic Centre is a regional photographic centre established in 1987 to operate in the Northern regions of Finland, Oulu district and Lapland.

The main function of the photographic centre is to promote and develop photographic art and culture in the region. The centre organises exhibitions of Finnish and international photographic art. In addition to the exhibitions the Northern Photographic Centre organises and coordinates photography workshops, seminars and various projects exploring photographic art.

The activities of The Northern Photographic Centre are targeted for anyone interested in photography and visual culture.

Northern Photographic Centre’s office and galleries are located at Hallituskatu 7, Oulu.




Director, chief curator Alla Räisänen alla(at), +358 40 72 72 135

Producer Iiris Tuisku iiris(at), +358 40 12 81 150

Producer Julia Heikkinen, on parental leave until January 31st 2020



Board 2019

Chairwoman Kati Leinonen

Juuso Haarala

Paavo  Heinonen

Joel Karppanen

Sanna Krook

Antti Leinonen

Vesa Ranta