Anne Golaz: Corbeau

19.01.2019 - 24.02.2019

Vernissage Fri 18.1. @5 pm

Corbeau by Anne Golaz is a multi-layered narrative collage about telling the story of the farm on which she has grown up. The works explore the relationship of the human with nature and wild life, and the protagonist of Corbeau is a young man seen in each chapter dutifully working on the farm. Gradually, however, his sense of duty appears to be instilled with doubt, a doubt that infuses the entire work. Made over13 years and bridging three generations, the project weaves together photographs, video stills and drawings, with texts by the author, screenwriter and playwright, Antoine Jaccoud, as well as writings by Golaz herself.

 All stories are eventually made of a handful of recurrent themes. In Corbeau these themes are such as the meaning of fate, family heritage or transmission as well as the inescapable passing of time. The project traces a transition period between the father's time and the son's time and tells about things forever gone. What will remain of the one we love once they will be gone? What will we pass on to those remaining after us? Corbeau – which takes its title from an enigmatic poem by Edgar Allan Poe – eludes a chronological order to elaborate a narrative construction ‘in a vacuum’, where the notion of home tellingly offers a framework for both support and destruction without leading to any precise denouement.

MACK published Corbeau as a book in 2017 (French and English edition), and later it developed into a video piece mixing still and moving images, sound and texts. And coming after the major book, a limited self-published edition functions as an epilogue and closes the overall story: “Finir comme prévu” (To end as expected: 200copies available, 2018). Eventually, this project is homage to a disappearing type of family based peasantry and the exploration of different narrative systems within the same story world.

Anne Golaz (b.1983) is a Swiss photographic artist currently living and working in Rovaniemi. Golaz graduated in 2013 from the Photography Master Program of Aalto University of Art and Design in Helsinki. She studied previously at the Photography School in Vevey – Switzerland. In 2012 she spent 6 months in NYC at the School of Visual Arts. Her works have been exhibited in several solo and group shows around Europe, and her pictures have triumphed in different international photographic competitions. Golaz is also a member of the Finnish Maanantai-collective. She is represented by Galerie C from Switzerland.

The Pro Helvetia foundation has supported the exhibition. 


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