Anni Hanén: Just Small Hiccups

19.09.2015 - 25.10.2015



Friday 18.9.

Artist talk @ 17

Vernissage @ 18


Just Small Hiccups by Anni Hanén deals with mental growth from childhood to adultery. It is based on the universal questions about how we see each other inside a family. Presence, childhood, parenthood and the success, failure, dreams and fears that come with it are experiences that we can relate to.  The works also carry into the present the old folktales that Anni’s grandmother used to sing to Anni in her childhood. They illustrate the everyday life and the way of looking and understanding life. Alongside the pictures the names of the works play a significant role, leading the viewer into the visual world. This combination gives the viewer the possibility to reflect one’s own history and experiences into the pictures. Hanén’s working is also described by abstractness, where self-portrait is not just a self-portrait but also a reflection of this world, a surface to identify to, a picture in picture.   

“My world is like a black and white picture that the heart colours to its own. To photograph stories is my way of telling stories that live in us to my son Eeli. In the photograph-theatre-like moments both my and my child’s experience about seeing each other unite. I began shooting the series after moving into my childhood house some years ago. I photographed feelings that arose inside the house that was full of memories with gardens and nearby forests. My viewpoint has been coloured with my own remembrances from the past together with the expectations of the child. To me this series is a bridge between the past, the present and the future.”

Anni Hanén (b.1981) has graduated as Master of Arts from the Aalto University in 2013. After her graduation Hanén has been working on her series Just Small Hiccups. Works from this series have been exhibited in Finland as well as abroad, in solo exhibitions, international photo festivals, group exhibitions, in media and photographic communities. In the beginning of 2015 Hanén participated the Festival Circulation(s) photographic event is Paris, France with her works, and after that the works have been around inter alia these festivals: Belfast Foto festival, BIP Biennale internationale de la Photographie, Encontros da Imagem de Braga, Format Festival and Fotografia Europea de Reggio Emilia. Just Small Hiccups is Hanén’s first solo exhibition in Northern Finland.


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