Aura Saarikoski: Research into Grey

25.05.2019 - 30.06.2019

Vernissage Friday 24 May at 5pm

“In the photograph named Research into Grey I compare the scale of a gray card to a foggy landscape. For a photographer the card is a tool to match the colours of the image with reality.  I got my own gray card from my father at the age of 15. It’s from the time of film photography and not very reliable anymore. As a meter for inner truth it’s not quite balanced.”

Research into Grey is both personal and current. It starts from subjective experience but drifts into conceptual. In the exhibition the viewer moves from a room and a fog to another while the themes of the artworks vary from environmental issues to inner world moods. The fog covers and reveals, you can get lost into it and be seen against it. One’s mindscape is not immune to the weather either.

Part of the project is a video triptych in which an artificial mist blends together with natural fog. The person in the video blocks her own vision and tries to make the weather and her emotional state match. One can find a reference to the climate change and the impact humans have on nature.

According to Saarikoski taking changes and the courage to follow intuition are central methods for walking in the fog. In still documentations of a performance the artist moves towards the camera and away from it at the thickest part of the fog. The viewer stands in the middle and the sight to both the figure in front and at the back is unclear. The viewer is at the crossroads of departure and return. The fog too is an element that moves and connects to the passing of time.

“I wrote to a meteorologist to find out where is the foggiest place on earth located at. I travelled to the city that was named to me, to get an ending to my project. When I reached my destination, the fog was dense and nothing cleared. I found no answers. After returning home I decided to write a letter to the city to an unknown recipient. The Cloudpainter wrote me an answer. I decided to travel to the city once more. I think that the Cloudpainter too knew what the fog represents, that he too had been inside it. Due to the climate change the foggiest part of the world becomes les and les foggy each year. The Cloudpainter too had decided to move on.”

Aura Saarikoski (1987) is a Helsinki based visual artist. She is a Master of Arts 2017 from Aalto University Phoptographic Art department and a Visual Artist 2012 from Turku University of Applied Sciences department of Photography. Different phases of her project on fog have been exhibited at Mänttä Art Festival 2014, at the Finnish Institute in Paris and Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in 2015, Gallery Å in 2016, Gallery Harmaa in 2017 and The Finnish museum of Photography and Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 in 2018.

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  • Aura Saarikoski: Research into Grey, still from a video
  • Aura Saarikoski: Research into Grey, Letter from a Cloudpainter