Eija Timonen: Icy Dreams

08.08.2015 - 13.09.2015

Friday 7.8.

Artist Talk at 17

Vernissage at 18


Icy Dreams by visual artist Eija Timonen examines ice, the different states of ice and the symbolism of it. Her works are mainly born on a frozen lake, Saimaa, located in East Finland, from early winter to mid-spring, but she also cuts and stores ice to bee photographed during the summer.

The artist has captured visions created by ice and light in her pictures that human eye could not see. Dream-like, mystic photographs play with perspectives and suddenly the viewer starts to see characters and elements coming up from the unconscious. Where someone sees a mythological creature in the picture of ice, someone else sees a bovine or a seal. The known and unknown create a fascinating alliance.

”Seen through a camera the icy cover looks different. The midwinter ice reminds of crystal. It is rough and geometric, and the color scale is limited to cool winter light, often consisting of different shades of black and white only.

In the spring sun beams make the ice fragile, brittle and gauzy. The melting begins along the shoreline. Here and there water finds its ways up, bringing bubbles to the surface. The structures of ice are changing all the time, randomly and uncontrolled way. The beauty lies in the constant move and change of light and structure, as the lake undresses its magically beautiful cover in slow motion.”

Icy Dreams exhibition presents works from the years 2013-2015. In addition to the photographs Timonen has built also video works and large photograph and paper collages from the pictures.

Eija Timonen works as a professor in the University of Lapland faculty of Art and design, as well as a docent in Aalto University Department of Film, Television and Scenography. During the last twenty years she has e.g. written children’s books, illustrated stories and planned multimedia. The works dealing with ice have been exhibited in Kemi, Rovaniemi and Espoo.

Eija Timonen has been selected as a Visual Artist of the Year 2015 for the Oulunsalo Chamber Music Festival. Her works are exhibited also in the library of Oulunsalo, shopping centre Kapteeni (Karhuojantie 2) 04.08.-30.08.2015.

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