17.11.2018 - 21.12.2018

vernissage Fri 16.11. @5-7pm


A master course in light art called ENLIGHTMENT was held for professional artists at Liminka School of Art in June 2018, and a traveling exhibition has then been curated based on the works created during the course. There are works from each artist participating the course in the exhibition.

The works of the exhibition are strongly based on the continuum of the artistic work of these artists, in which they have added influences from the possibilities that light has. Thematically the exhibition is diverse, but the relationship that a person has to one’s environment is a repeating theme that many of the works of the exhibition deal with.

The aim of the exhibition has been to support and encourage artists interested in light as a medium into interdisciplinary working that would bring together art from different fields. In addition we want to introduce light art to the audience and examine the possibilities that light has in interdisciplinary works.  The master course has been designed and lead as well as curated by media artist Jukka Hautamäki. Light artist Mia Kivinen and regional artist Leevi Lehtinen were also lecturing on the course.

There were 74 applicants from 30 different locations applying for the course and eleven were chosen. The backgrounds of the participants are merely on visual arts, media art and photographic art.

Enlightment is executed in cooperation with Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Artists ’Association Muu ry, The Northern Photographic Centre, The Oulu Artists Association, Union of Finnish Artists Associations and Liminka School of Art.


Coming exhibitions and artists:


Union of Finnish Artists Association 80th anniversary jubileum exhibition

Taitokortteli, Koskikatu 1, Joensuu, 27.9.-25.11.2018

Artist Timo Kokko


The Northern Photographic Centre

Hallituskatu 7, Oulu, 17.11.-21.12.2018

Artists: Kira Leskinen, Jakob Johannsen, Emma Rönnholm, Merja Brinon, Inka Bell, Minna Kangasmaa, Tiina Vehkaperä ja Timo Kokko


MUU Kaapeli

Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, 5.-13.1.2019

Artists: Anne Roininen, Pia Männikkö ja Heidi Saramäki


More information:

Leevi Lehtinen, Valotaiteen läänintaiteilija

Taiteen edistämiskeskus


tel. 0295330862

© Inka Bell (work in progress)


  • Inka Bell (work in progress)
  • Emma Rönnholm (work in progress)
  • Tiina Vehkaperä: Art Fragile, 2017
  • Jakob Johannsen: Pocket Lights, 2018
  • Kira Leskinen: Fado, 2018
  • Merja Brinon (work in progress)