Erica Nyholm: Blue Scene

11.04.2015 - 17.05.2015

Exhibition open every day between 10am and 8pm
Artist talk April 10th at 5pm
Opening April 10th at 6pm

”I paint the wall of my room green-blue the way the Dutch painters did. I buy a table that I fix and paint it shining black. I put a shirt on a girl. I cut a white vase and set it on the table. I ask the 7-year-old girl to stand next to the table. Slender legs like plaster sculptures, other hand hidden and the look in the eye innocent. The piece of work Muisto maljasta (2012) is both fact and fiction. The girl is the girl in this moment, the girl is me as a child.”

Erica Nyholm (b.1982) borrows to her mise-en-scène pictures colours and themes from French artists such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. The Bellelli Family by Degas (1858-1867) perpetuates a moment from the family of Degas’ aunt when the family grieves for the grandfather lost. Mother and the children are all dressed in black as an expression of sorrow, and the father is standing addorsed. The starting point in the works of Nyholm are the memories she herself and her close relatives have that she has reconstructed to be saved in photographs. The piece of work Menetys (2010) tells a story from the family from 2000’s. The father sits, just as in The Bellelli Family, addorsed to the camera, and the family is dressed in black. Time has stopped and the persons are set in the picture as to a stage. Menetys tells about a family that lost the mother twenty years ago.
The theme of being a member of the family is repeated in the works of Nyholm. She takes pictures where the object is set on the stage of the picture as a consequence of an event either alone or with other family members. Through her pictures Nyholm returns to the past, to the moment or experience that changed the life of the person. No matter are the models alone or together with the others on the stage, one can note the pictures mediating the experience of loneliness that presses itself layer by layer to the undertone of the pictures just as a sign of how the artist has experienced humanity at its’ plainest.
Erica Nyholm (b.1982) graduated as Master of Arts from Aalto University in 2013. Nyholm did part of her studies in Soul, in Hongik University faculty of photographic artin 2009. After her graduation Nyholm has been working in Pole Image residency program in Roueni, Cité des Arts residency in Paris and in Finland as well. Nyholm has participated in group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, e.g. Encontros da Imagem, Braga (2014), Selection Circulations, Paris (2014), MC2 Gallery, Milano (2013). Blue Scene is her first solo exhibition in Northern Finland.

Menetys, 2014