Finnish Press Photos 2017

13.10.2018 - 11.11.2018

vernissage 12.10. at 5pm

The traditional Finnish Press Photos competition awards the best Finnish photos and videos from the previous year in several different categories. The competition was held for the first time in 1962 by a name Press Photos of The Year.  The competition sets standards for Finnish photojournalism and collects a national photo archive. Photographers such as Caj Bremer, Hannes Heikura, Markus Jokela, Meeri Koutaniemi, Maija Tammi and Touko Hujanen have been awarded in the competition in previous years.

The Finnish Press Photos competition is an excellent opportunity to discuss the state of photojournalism in Finland annually. The awarded photos represent the top of the Finnish photojournalism and the material sent to the competition is a cross-section of the annual photographic yield.The winning photographs are an indication for the need for professional photo journalism on the saturated media field.

As before, the competition was an invitational one aimed at the members of Finnish Photojournalists’ Association, apart from the New Photojournalist 2017 series awarded by Patricia Seppälä Foundation, which could be participated also by non-member photographers. In 2017 90 photographers participated the competition with 1900 photographs.

The winners of Finnish Press Photos 2017 were chosen by a jury of three members: Daniella Zalcman, Juuso Westerlund and Kaisa Rautaheimo.  The jury is nominated by the board of the Association of Finnish Photojournalists and it changes every year.

The exhibition introduces the winning photographs and videos, as well as other pickings from the competition. The exhibition now open in The Northern Photographic Centre has earlier this year been exhibited in Virka Gallery in Helsinki.

The main cooperative partner of the Finnish Press Photos 2017 competition is Canon. Other partners are Olympus, Nikon, Rianno, Trainers House, Puite, Finnair, Fimeko and Luova. The prizes are funded by the copyright organisation Kopiosto and they are paid from a Jokes fund for photojournalists. Patricia Seppälä Foundation organizes the prize for the winner of New Photojournalist series.

The Finnish Association of Photojournalists has been founded in 1947. The association acts as a bond between professional photojournalists and documentary photographers in Finland. The association promotes the interests of it’s members and maintais their profession by organizing training and education. The association has approximately 400 members.


More information:

Miikka Pirinen, producer

Suomen kuvajournalistit ry

puh. 040 7362969 

Ira Launiala, director

Suomen kuvajournalistit ry

puh. 040 5730869


© Sami Kero


  • Photo Journalist 2017: Akseli Valmunen
  • Press Photo of The Year 2017: Ella Kiviniemi
  • Reportage 2017: Sami Kero
  • Photo Essay 2017: Sakari Piippo
  • News Photo 2017: Liisa Huima