Mikko Auerniitty and Harri Heinonen: Football Landscapes

07.03.2020 - 12.06.2020

Football Landscapes is an exhibition by artists Mikko Auerniitty (b.1971) and Harri Heinonen (b.1967). It presents football through landscape, daily life and perception. The exhibition opens up European mental landscape and collective consciousness.

The selection seen at the Northern Photographic Centre is a continuation to the original publication and exhibition of Football Landscapes established in 2011. The works seen at the Northern Photographic Centre have been photographed between the years 2017-2019. In this new edition, Football is present as small allusions and hints while the viewers attention is drawn to the landscape and to the way of representing it and to its cultural layers. The main interest has shifted from football towards the interface of nature and culture ­– the underdetermined zone, no-man’s land where civilization grows beyond its limits. 

Artists approach the theme through the thematic of Shane Baum Leasure Society which states that life should be about spending time with family and friends and enjoying intimate moments of absolute leisure. Artists are studying the collapse of consumer society where production lines are replaced with providing experiences and services. Even though the starting point has been visual ethnography, topography and documentation, the narrative and poetic figures displaying the landscape have got into the focus during the project.

The exhibition is about the presence within the absence.  The meaning of the images does not vanish at a glance or recognition. The Images give a possibility to the viewer to their own perception and understanding of reality.

Master of Fine Arts, Mikko Auerniitty is a photographer living and working in Jyväskylä, Finland. Auerniitty has been working as chairperson of The Centre for Creative Photography since 2016. His works have been published in Villa Lante A1 Gianicolo publication and Kangas – Metamorfoosi published by The Centre for Creative Photography. Auerniitty’s works have been exhibited in the Street Level Photoworks exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland. Football Landscapes was exhibited in “Sivusarjaheitto” exhibition in Art Centre Voipaala in 2019.

Doctor of Arts, Harri Heinonen is a photographer living and working in Mikkeli. He has been participating in several group exhibitions of which the latest was “Sivusarjaheitto” exhibition at Art Centre Voipaala 2019. His works have been published in photographic art publications like “Painting of The Mind” published by Mikkeli Art Museum. Heinonen has been published the works “Jalkapallon lumo” (Atena kustannus, 2005) and Finnish Football Supporters: Couch Potatoes or Partisan Fans. Moving Bodies. The Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education vol. 1 1/2003.

Harri Heinonen, Liverpool, 2010


  • Harri Heinonen, Hampuri