Kuukauden kuvat / Reetta Breilin: Sävyjä – Näkyjä

02.11.2021 - 30.11.2021

Reetta Breilin's Shades – the views are a study of reflections and shades by the water. It leads the viewer to the themes of water and purity of nature. In the series of images, Breilin deals with the conflict between two water environments and the green tone that unites them. 

The series of images merges two places into a single dimension that seems unrealistic, where the water is green. In another reality, the blue-green algae blooms, or cyanobacteria, have captured the lake’s shore water. In another reality, water bubbles up from a natural spring, pure and clear. The shade of green comes from a moss that covers the bottom and glows in the sunlight. 

“The conflict between the two water environments and the green tone that unites them inspired me to realise this entirety. I was fascinated by the instant and simultaneous stagnation of the views by the water."

In August–September 2020, Breilin implemented the Shades – Views series. The exhibition was opened in autumn 2020 at Galleria Kopio in Rovaniemi. The exhibition's images are inkjet printed colour film images. 

Reetta Breilin (b. 1996) is an art teacher and photographer from Kokkola. She graduated from the University of Lapland's Art Education Degree Program in 2020. She also studied photography as a minor subject. Currently she works as an art teacher at Kokkola’s Art School for Children and Young People. In her artistic work, Breilin focuses on film photography in medium format. She depicts views by which she naturally stops and aspects with power and movement that appeals. “Photography is a way to see closely, to wonder and experiment. Through this I focus, ponder and crop visual observations and bring out experiences of nature. I return to familiar and important places that I see in a slightly different way each time.”

Reetta Breilin, Heijastus II


  • Reetta Breilin, Heijastus I
  • Reetta Breilin, Pinnalla I
  • Reetta Breilin, Pinnalla III