Inkeri Jäntti: Mono no Aware

16.08.2017 - 25.09.2017

Exhibition opening in the library of Oulunsalo 16.8.2017 at 16

The Visual artist of The Year for the Oulunsalo Chamber Music Festival is Inkeri Jäntti.

An exhibition called ”Mono no Aware” is presented in the library of Oulunsalo during the festival.

Mono no Aware consists of works photographed in Japan in autumn 2016. ”Mono no Aware” is a Japanese concept that freely translated describes the melancholy of the moment. ”It is that short, sweet feeling of melancholy that you can experience when you see something beautiful but momentary.”

Oulu based photographer Inkeri Jäntti graduated from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Media in 2013. Jäntti photographs both spontaneous moments as well as staged portraits. It is important for Jäntti to become aware of new things and to capture secret moments. Especially abandoned houses and forgotten anti-places find their way to Jäntti’s photographs.

During the autumn 2016 Jäntti travelled to Japan in to the Kura residency, where she shot the works of Mono no Aware. Alongside with photographing Jäntti has been working as a producer and a scriptwriter. Jäntti has also been working as a festival photographer for the Oulunsalo Chamber Music Festival for several years.