Juha Allan Ekholm: Six Days of Heaven

11.04.2015 - 17.05.2015

Exhibition open every day between 10am and 8pm
Artist talk April 10th at 5pm
Opening April 10th at 6pm

Welcome to carnival, otherness, a world turned upside down. A collective form of urban behaviour and breaking boundaries that has a religious history but a secular appearance.

Six Days of Heaven by Juha Allan Ekholm (b.1965), an artist living and working in Turku takes a viewer to the carnival of Cologne, the phenomena and zeitgeist behind the carnival. In the last night of the carnival laughter and joy that are essentially related to this celebration turn into grief that the end of it brings.

”The most interesting thing in photographing the people at the carnival is the surface between two identities: the concurrent presence of the mask and the story behind it. My pictures are born mostly while meeting people during the late hours when masks begin to get stripped and to reveal the human story behind them.”

Ekholm has been photographing world’s third largest carnival in Cologne between the years 2011-2015. Work still continues.

”The changes in the global political situation in Europe have brought more societal awareness and layers of history into the pictures during the last couple of years. Six Days of Heaven tells not only about the carnival but also about modern German society through the carnival. It also reflects the feelings of all of us Europeans in the world that has become a place more unsecure.”

Ekholm was curated from a screening in the Backlight event to participate the 12th international photographic art festival in Aleppo with the series Six Days of Heaven. Due to the current situation in Syria the works were projected to the bombed walls and barriers. More than a hundred artists participated the event as an act of peace. Ekholm’s participation was notified in the media in Cologne. Ekholm wants to highlight how art is one of the things that will stay beyond conflict and that war masters cannot control. It has been important for Ekholm to give support to what is good in all people beyond political or national borders.

Juha Allan Ekholm is known for his pictures telling about the suburban lifestyle in the 1990’s and 2000’s as well as for his projects focusing on experiencing the urban space. Juha Allan Ekholm’s works have been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Finland and Europe over 70 times, and Ekholm has had over 30 solo exhibitions and actively participated in urban art projects. Ekholm has works in more than ten public collections as well as in private collections in Finland, Europe and USA.