Kati Leinonen: VASTAPUU. Chapter I: Estate

13.08.2020 - 20.09.2020

My father-in-law’s home farm is called Vastapuu. It is in its original state and the buildings are filled with things that belonged to people that have passed away long ago. These belongings are relics filled with memories reminding of the temporality of life. The firewood chopped by Heikki in the 70’s have been stored in a shed and were not allowed to be used when my father-in-law was alive. Recently I took the firewood out of the shed and made portraits of them taking special care in handling to stop the dust from falling of the surface of wood. I then placed the wood in better storage to be safe. These firewood are a starting point to a long-term art project that is aiming to create a portrait of the Carelian emigrants who build the farm.

This work in process will expand to explore the concept of emigration in North-Carelian village in the 40’s and today. Through restoring the farm and reconstructing its landscape the project addresses the contemporary state of countryside and plays with the idea of counterurbanization. This project has received funding from Kone Foundation.

Kati Leinonen is a Finnish artist working with photography and video. She studied photography in London College of Printing (BA) and audio-visual media culture in the University of Lapland (MA). Her works has been exhibited in Oulu Art Museum, Gallery Hippolyte, Gallery Nykyaika Finnish Museum of Photography as well as in group exhibitions such as Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2018 in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Kati Leinonen, Vastapuu


  • Kati Leinonen, Vastapuu
  • Kati Leinonen, Vastapuu