Lauri Eriksson: 22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta

28.05.2016 - 22.06.2016

Friday 27.5.

Artist Talk at 5pm

Vernissage at 6pm


There are 7500 homeless people in Finland. 90% of them are men living alone.  The group of the homeless and thus socially excluded is not homogenous.  The backgrounds and the reasons vary a lot.

Photographer Lauri Eriksson photographed and interviewed men who have been homeless for a long time. Their portraits and stories have now been compiled into an exhibition.

The men photographed in this project have now received a place from residential units. They have a history of many years with homelessness: temporary night shelters, doorways, roof decks, sofas of friends’ –places suitable for temporary sleeping. There are entrepreneurs, workers, experts and so on amongst the homeless. Some of them have ended up homeless due to divorce, unemployment, drug abuse or paralysis. Many of them have special skills: one is a skilled piano player, football player or a handy carpenter.

”I know a case who has been on the line for 18 years. The state of an alone living man in homelessness is the weakest.”                         –city officer 

In his exhibition Eriksson introduces 22 men, who have several years of homelessness in their history. The are 25-70 years of age. ”I asked the men ten questions related to their situation in life and dreams. I wanted to explore how they estimate their own lives, abilities and possibilities as well as if they have social networks.  The hand-written answers to the questions –combined with portraits- create a form of a portrait where a subject and an object get mixed. ”

22 tapausta asunnottomuudesta (22 cases of homelessness) ponders the basis of a good life: the concept of residence and home. Which path leads to social exclusion? Is a homeless person a disturbance to his/her environment? Or does he/she have the same wishes as many others: to have an own home and to be healthy?

Lauri Eriksson (b. 1965) is a photographer whohas had his works published widely in both national and international magazines. He has held several solo exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions as well. Eriksson has also published two photographic books ”Suomi Pictures” and ”Bitter&Sweet”. He is currently working on a new book. In addition he has been giving lectures in different institutions of learning, such as Aalto University or Lahti University of Applied sciences.



Tero, 2015