Maïté Pouleur: About Hietasaari

17.04.2014 - 18.05.2014

About Hietasaari


"Nails in the clearing"

On sunday, taking bridges, I walk to the big wheel, it was a Tivoli in front of a wide road with a perpendicular.

Read and marked the island on the map.

I passed the German bridge, the beach, and the red house of a single room.

On the island, every day, I turned. From the entrance by Pikisaari to the tower of birds, the entrance of the port, the former docks, the burned houses, the amusement park, the buildings, the users, the camping, the forest, the marina, the paths, again and again, I looked, passing from a point to another one, of a point by another one, I searched.

Searched and found information also, texts in Finnish, numbers, maps, pictures. An investigation lost in translation, walking by searching signs, traveling maps, cycling in spaces, taking photographs. Fragments, links, strata which i try to connect or to understand in a whole of smithereens.

An island suburb, an island which is not anymore, a suburb not exactly.

The rosebushes of the burned houses, the German camps, the amusement park and its parking lots.

I sounded an open-air palimpsest.

It is vague."

Maïté Pouleur (b.1981) is graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure de la photographie d'Arles, (France) and have been exhibited in France, Deutschland and Netherlands.

In photography she explores and questions  the places she goes through with an attitude sometimes close to the performative where it's about of exploring the interweaving of the human activity, the everyday life with the shape of a territory.

Her work "about Hietasaari" follows the residence of the artist in 2013 in Oulu for the Finland-France exchange program coordinated by the Northern Photographic Centre in Finland and by Pôle Image in France. The other partners of the network are Union of Art Photographers in Finland, Photographic Centre Peri and Finnish Embassy at Paris, French Cultural Centre, Centre Photographique d’Ile de France and Association Diaphane. The exhange program has been supported by Finnish Art Council.