Marjo Hyttinen: Traces

17.01.2015 - 22.02.2015

Exhibition open every day 10-20

Friday 16.1.2015

Artist talk 17:00-18:00

Exhibition opening 18:00-20:00

The exhibition program 2015 of the Northern Photographic Centre is opened by two exhibitions both dealing with landscape and environment: Traces by Marjo Hyttinen and Nature Trail by Minna Pöllänen. Hyttinen and Pöllänen are both examining the landscape and the marks that humans leave in the landscape.

Marjo Hyttinen (b. 1966) is an artist from Kemi, whose exhibition Traces documents the environment where the artist herself lives, the landscape of waters and factories where the Bay of Botnia and the Kemi river meet. In her pictures and print Hyttinen has been processing the other side of consumption and welfare, the trash that does not disappear and the multiplying huddles of waste.

The changing typography of the fringes of the landscape has become the starting point ot Hyttinen’s works. “I photograph the change in landscapes and the details of it. Aestethic waters, forests, hills and fjelds have in my landscape catalogue turned into documentation of drifts of welfare. With the shooting the landscape the visual background of our everyday life stands out.

The pictures are speaking out, but at the same time there is the presence of contradiction that changes the environmental burden and the drifts into beauty. We are all a part of this contradictionary process, where the demand for welfare meets the limits of the environment.

One cannot escape or imagine away the volume of the mass of garbage.

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