Mikko Haiko: Sydänmaa

25.01.2014 - 02.03.2014

Mikko Haiko has been documenting the place he was born, his family members and the scenery on his home farm in Southern Karelia, the village of Nisola in Lemi for several years. Haiko has photographed his own roots and tried to save on the film the spirit of the place that appears to him as growing strings to nature and a little clomsy hillbillyism.

By photographing the place and the people Haiko records and preserves life. With his camera Haiko underlines events from everyday reality. This everyday life often appears miraculous and magical in the viewfinder of the camera. The pictures also reflect Haiko's own inner world, feelings and thoughts.

Haiko's pictures can be seen as pastorales of our times, as bukolical poetry. There is similar admiration of the simple countryside life. On the other hand the photographs are also pictures from a family album, telling a story of that family.

The name of the series "Sydänmaa (Heartland)" comes from the name of a wood lot that is a part of Haiko's home farm. The name has a dual meaning: Sydänmaa is a concrete place but also a mindscape.

Mikko Haiko (b.1984) is a photographer living in Helsinki. This exhibition in the Northern Photographic center is his first solo exhibition. Haiko's works have earlier been exhibited in group exhibitions in Helsinki, Tampere and Leipzig. Haiko studies art in the programme for photography in Aalto University.