Muotokuva- Portrait

29.11.2013 - 06.01.2014

Muotokuva – Portrait 30.11.2013 – 6.1.2014

Noora Isoeskeli, Maria Mäki, Clas-Olav Slotte, Jaana Rannikko, Aki Roukala, Leena Ylä-Lyly and the pupils of Myllytulli School

What is a photographic portrait?

Image of an individual or portrait?

Director and curator Alla Räisänen has chosen art works from six artists in the exhibition ensemble, that either give answers to these questions above or raise new questions. The pupils of the Myllytulli School have also been invited to participate the exhibition and to produce their own series in the exhibition.

Kuninkaallinen akatemia by Jaana Rannikko consists of portraits in which she combines her own pictures to photographs of historical portrait paintings. By editing the pictures she adds layers to the picture that approaches double exposure, painting and drawing. This technique enables building a visual world more fictional and multi layered. The bond to the reality that was prevailing at the moment of shooting the picture recedes and the documentary substantiating the photograph becomes more imaginary.

The actual theme of Temporary Happiness by Noora Isoeskeli works with growing into ones’ own life and breaking out from the boundaries that one has originally grown into. The name of the series describes life, its duration, character and temporality. There is an own, special world built around the persons in the pictures, where the familiar perception is twisting prolapsed and is advicing to see the already seen with new eyes.

Clas-Olav Slotte has shot a series of portraits of smoking people in Italy, France, Spain and Britain. The true bases of the series are the short breaks in everyday and working life. In the images of the series Smokers Slotte has concentrated on smoking breaks. Legislation has changed smoking around Europe and seeing people smoking by doorways has become more common. Smoking break gives a few minutes break from a working day when it’s possible to calm down and escape to ones’ own thoughts. Slotte’s portraits of smokers capture these moments of intimacy.

Lukitut by Maria Mäki is a series of pictures of six female convicts. Pictures have been taken in Hämeenlinna prison, Vanaja prison and Satakunta prison; department of Köyliö. Behind this documentary series there is a will to be disengaged from the conceptions that media creates around prisons and female convicts. Mäki has been interested to see who the women behind the walls are. Daughters, mothers, wives, grandmothers.

The basis of the series Tulee Hiljaisuus by Leena Ylä-Lyly was to save the fragility of old age and the change that comes with it. Ylä-Lyly started the series in the autumn 2009 by filming her father. In February 2010 her father suddenly passed away. Facing death and the time after that set her series into new light and extended the theme of filming from old age to handle also death and silent resignation. About the pictures of her father Ylä-Lyly states the following: ”my father Martti was a sensitive, courageous and unconventional man. He showed it also by letting me film him.”

The black and white portraits by Aki Roukala are a part of his coming book Hailuoto, which is an island in the Bay of Bothnia. The images have a surrealistic atmosphere, something dream-like and surprising. The persons in the pictures are strongly present and the individuality and originality of the model is being highlighted.

The exhibition is curated by director of Northern Photographc Centre Alla Räisänen.


  • Maria Mäki: Jenni, from the series Lukitut
  • Aki Roukala
  • Jaana Rannikko, from the series Kromosomi X
  • Noora Isoeskeli,  Bird of Passage,  from the series Temporary Happiness
  • Clas-Olac Slotte, from the series Smokers
  • Myllytulli School, Ada Pesämaa