Nobuyuki Kobayashi: Portrait of Nature–Myriads of Gods

17.04.2014 - 18.05.2014

Portrait of Nature–Myriads of Gods, 17.4. - 18.5.

Oulu, Pohjoinen valokuvakeskus and Galleria Kajaste

Opening on Wednesday 16.4.  at 18:00. Opening Speech Deputy Major Sinikka Salo.

The exhibtion is organized in co-operation with Japanese Embassy in Finland, galleria kajaste and Business Oulu.

Myriads of Gods is a term that represents the ancient Japanese way to face the nature and the way of life. It comes from the thought  that there are gods or goddesses in everything. People have always had appreciation but also fear towards the gods.

As modern civilization has developed, this type of thinking has gradually faded. Forgetting to respect the nature has lead to destruction of it. The ideas that have inspired this series have been exploring ways for nature and humans to coexist as well as the wish to convey the teachings from the ancient times.

The pictures in the series have not been taken in any special place. They are from mediocre landscapes surrounding the residential areas in Japan. Kobayashi wants to remind that if destroying nature continues without a break, the mediocre nature may be lost and not passed on to the future.

Kobayashi has used particular methods of production to emphasize the delicacy of nature. The processes are analogue, and for the prints Kobayashi uses a special Washi paper. The Washi paper is a traditional Japanese handmade paper. The method of manufacturing Washi paper has not been changed for centuries and it is said to stay as it is for several thousands of years without causing secular change.

Using a paper that lives through thousands of years makes it possible to pass ”the present” on for another thousand years even if the current nature is lost one day.  

 After the show in Oulu there will be an exhibition tour at photographic centres in Finland:

22.5. - 19.6.  Lapua, Pohjanmaan valokuvakeskus

1.7. - 20.7. Kotkan valokuvakeskus – Kotka Photographic Centre, Kotka

 1.8. - 30.8. Fotocentrum Raaseborg

 7.11.-14.12. Kuopio, VB-photographic centre

January 2015 Luovan valokuvauksen keskus,  Jyväskylä