OULUNSALO SOI / Seija Ulkuniemi: Histories of painting (I)

05.08.2020 - 28.08.2020

In Cuba, many buildings tell with colours stories of their past. When a wall surface gets damaged, it will be fixed – and the plaster layer will be painted, if any colour is available. The various layers of colours and surfaces change over time. Sometimes you can see many traces from different time periods even on tiny wall areas. 

I took photographs of these ”miniature paintings” in one of the oldest cities of Cuba, in Camagüey. I selected wall areas that to my eye looked like abstract paintings, but which also transmit histories that are open to interpretation.

This exhibition is the first part of the Histories of painting -series. With my photographs I want to give respect to those professionals who are often left anonymous to us street walkers: the house painters. 

The exhibition is produced together with Oulunsalo Soi music festival. The exhibition is on view at Oulunsalo Library (Karhuojantie 12, Oulunsalo). The library is open from Monday to Thursday between 12pm and 7pm and on Fridays from 10am till 7pm.

Seija Ulkuniemi: Lintu


  • Seija Ulkuniemi: Maalaustaiteen historioita
  • Seija Ulkuniemi: Maalaustaiteen historioita