Pictures of The Month/ Aini Pihlajaniemi: Remember You Are Alive

05.03.2018 - 03.04.2018

Life is moments of growth, moments of letting go and moments of loss.

Looking at a child, the awareness of those instants is there.

The child is growing, soon already letting go.

How soft and vital is the child’s skin; only tiny scratches and bruises tell about bygone times.

So bright are the child’s eyes; only a pinch is the memories of the past and quite a huge number of dreams of the ones coming.


”Photography is one of my most important tools in artistic work. In my work, I study life from the perspective of emotions and memories. My subjects spring from everyday life – ordinary observations, common experiences and unremarkable thoughts. I have small children so the present is largely focused around the home and I have plenty of time to contemplate my own inner thoughts. 

There is a human being almost without exception in all of my photographs. Scars, scratches and flaws on skin are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Yet a photograph contains so much more than just the visible – there could be a full family history there, not to mention the whole future with its achievements, setbacks, fears and dreams.”

Muista elää (Remember you are alive), 2015


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