Pictures of The Month/ Anna K. Greus: Dream Garden

29.10.2018 - 25.11.2018

Opening on Monday 29.10.  @ 6-8pm

 I don’t remember how old I was, still a child anyway. Our family had gotten guests from abroad, friends of my sister. I remember this one guy, who had peculiar objects with him. Fabian Rose was a craftsman who built kaleidoscopes – ornamental optical tubes that show a whole different world when looking inside one. Inside a kaleidoscope the ever-changing beautiful pictures multiply and get ever new shapes and colours. This amazing experience became attached as a memory into a wall of my rambling subconscious like a sparkling magic mirror. And there it has stayed, reflecting signals into the future.

It’s a curious case how a small thing floating by in the stream of life can have such a powerful impact on us. A single dream, for example, can shock, fascinate or moreover perplex one’s mind for a long time. The content of a dream can be interpreted like a rebus. Mystical meanings have through the times been connected into dreams. Meanings like a soul traveling into other reality while sleeping. At times I have also thrown myself into pondering what dreams actually are and how they are born.

On the doorstep of adulthood, about ten years ago, I got interested in stories describing paranormal phenomena and photographs that said to have saved the spirits of dead people and unidentified objects moving in the air. I also got interested in pictures that had nothing paranormal in them, but for example because of technical mistakes there were peculiar elements appearing in them. I found it entertaining that someone wanted to produce pictures like that on purpose.

I got excited about getting myself a retro copy of a Diana plastic camera from the 60’s as well as a roll of film that produces a world of strange colours. It was a little expensive experience and for the part of the photos a failure for the most. It was nevertheless so far invigorating that I wanted to create more of these dream-like photographs with more intensity. I wanted to examine how it could be done with a digital systems camera but with analogical means, without bigger miracles from the digital magic wand of the photo editing software.

Double exposures, leaking light, reflections and other details perceived as awkward during the era of film photography found their meaning in my creative working. I like to think that my expedition has been like a dream with many steps that has materialized into a magician’s case full of various tools. My case includes for example such optics from the past decades that have been thought as pet peeves of their times because of the unwanted things they caused into pictures.

Dream garden is a collection of pictures by my expedition from the years 2015-2018. The content is emphasized on the present year, as practicing and whetting techniques has taken its time. The childhood memory from the amazing kaleidoscope as well as the misty, layered worlds of the dreams and the visual and verbal stories about meeting the paranormal are being recreated in the photographs. Dream garden is a garden float on mystical lands, on hazy places of dreams.

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