Pictures of the Month / Anssi Jokiranta: Forest After Us

02.09.2019 - 29.09.2019

Forest After Us –exhibition takes a look at the Finnish forests from the viewpoints of biodiversity, economy and climate change. The project was also published as a book in May 2019.

Finnish forests are currently facing critical times, and the discussion of their use is heated.  The Finnish government is reaching for record breaking felling volumes although researchers have stated that increased volumes will downsize the carbon sink of Finnish forests. The climate chance is setting new pressure on how to use or not to use our forests. Most of our forests are not pristine but production forests. 

Finnish government owns roughly one third of our forests and besides that there are around 600 000 private owners. At the moment private owners are in the middle of a succession process. How can a new forest owner know what to do with his possessions and what kind of results will his actions have if the politicians and researchers have no consensus in their message? The photographs of the exhibition raise a question: What is the forest like when we are no more?

Anssi Jokiranta is a Rovaniemi-based photographer and filmmaker. He works for Lapin Kansa newspaper.

Anssi Jokiranta: Forest After Us


  • Anssi Jokiranta: Forest After Us
  • Anssi Jokiranta: Forest After Us