Pictures of the Month / Riitta Attila, Linda Sainio ja Anu Tossavainen: Sense of Swamp

10.02.2020 - 08.03.2020

Swamps are close to Finnish people but they don´t attract with their gracefulness or grandness. They have remained in the shadows of the tales about forests and lakes even though swamps cover one third of Finland’s surface. Forgotten swamp is the treasury of natural products, the nest of folktales and spells and a storage for all the changes that are happening in the environment and nature. Swamp with all of its layers can also be seen as a metaphor for the subconsciousness of human mind.

Swamp is the source of inspiration for the three artists, Riitta Attila, Linda Sainio and Anu Tossavainen. Sense of Swamp was born from a collection of swamp stories and experiences. At the same time, it is a continuation to an art-based action research project called Suo parantaa (Swamp Heals) during which the three artists have created two exhibitions. The first exhibition was about five traditional healers and their stories about swamp. Now the focus has shifted towards the personal perception of the three artists.

Swamp has many different elements. It is healing, nourishing, scary and at the same time bare and dense. Sense of Swamp examines the diverse encounter with swamp: intriguing world of water and land and the fascinating hidden details.

Mother went to swamp, walked as far as she could and cried out loud.

Linda Sainio: Sense of Swamp


  • Riitta Attila: Sense of Swamp
  • Anu Tossavainen: Sense of Swamp