Pictures of The Month/ Eeva Riihelä: Connecting People

08.01.2018 - 04.02.2018

The first time I got acquainted with India was on a two-week package tour in the year 2012. Ever since India has been calling me for longer and longer adventures. The latest trip, lasting one and half months, I made in the spring 2017. This was my seventh trip to India. As a photographer I love the diversity, mysteriousness and surprises the country is full of. I carry the camera with me whenever possible.

The more I have photographed people, the more I have noticed that there is also a phone in the photographs. Indian people are very social and the phone has become an inseparable part of everyday life. Even the most boring working day turns into a significant one when one can chat with the family and other close people while working. Social situations are saved with the camera of the phone and different selfie poses are well learned. Unfortunately every now and then the risky efforts of taking selfies lead even to death. The familiar Nokia tune can be heard here and there, and when I mention coming from Finland, the Indians know that Nokia comes from Finland.

Owning a self-phone does not depend on the level of income in India anymore. Even people from the lowest classes of the society can be seen with phones. India is the second biggest self-phone market in the world, and a new smartphone can beat best bought with a price of a candy bag.  Old phones are being fixed and recycled. Even though smart phones have their downsizes, they make the everyday life of the Indians easier in many ways by increasing knowledge and bringing services close to people.