Pictures of the Month / Jaani Föhr: In the shadow

02.10.2020 - 01.11.2020

Light and shadow make a photo, and Jaani Föhr (b. 1971) from Oulu focuses on shadow in these black-and-white photographs. Certain purposes often require a photo to be technically sound and to keep the shadows under control, but Föhr is interested in shadow´s expressive power. These photographs are taken in Oulu in 2015–2017 and in Sicily in 2019, and they are stylistically a continuation of Föhr´s charm in contrasting image, which he found in the 1990s at the time of film. Although Föhr has described this series as a kind of counterweight to his other work, people are also present in these images. "I photograph people, and this series is no exception. The premise is this time different. In these pictures, a man is sometimes just a mere shadow or silhouette, or just stepped into the shadow that traverses the spotlight."

The pictures are printed on aluminum in sizes 75 cm x 50 cm and 50 cm x 33 cm

Jaani Föhr: Guardian


  • Jaani Föhr: Guardian
  • Jaani Föhr: Eve