Pictures of the month/ Juhani Syväoja: The Moods of the Tornio Valley

01.08.2017 - 24.08.2017

The Tornio Valley is the area around the Tornio and Muonio rivers on both the Finnish and Swedish sides of the rivers. The core of the Tornio Valley is the 510 kilometers long Tornio river, Tornionväylä on the Meänkieli language. The river begins from the lake Tornio from the Kiiruna community in Sweden and it runs to Bay of Botnia on the border of Tornio and Haaparanta. The downstream of the river is thus a boundary river, which is apparently the reason why the river has remained unharnessed. It still runs wild, powerful and mighty through the surrounding cultural and forested hill landscapes.

"My long-term object is to search for the "soul" of the Tornio valley from the area that reaches from Tornio lake and Kilpisjärvi all the way to Tornio and Haaparanta. The pictures of this exhibition have been born during the last few years on the areas of Ylitornio, Tornio and Övertorneå for the most. Although my pictures usually are landscape pictures by nature, I do not aim at documenting but more at capturing the atmosphere. The most of my pictures have been born on light nights or during heavy frost, meaning, when people usually don't look at these landscapes. In addition to the Väylänvarsi and forested hill areas I have also traveled the untouched wedges of Nuuskakaira."