Pictures of the month / Juuso Haarala: Breathings

03.04.2017 - 01.05.2017

The exhibition consists of still pictures, size of a breathing, with urban landscapes and wanderers of those landscapes absorbed in their own daily chores. “Breathings” observes the place of an individual in a man-made landscape and disappearance of one in it. Lonely melancholy, rush, travel, therapy, everyday life, play and adventures.

On another level creating this exhibition has been a series of breathings to me myself, detachment from daily routines, still moments while on holidays, meditative roves, disappearance of time and place. Each picture lives and tells a story that is open to the interpretation of the viewer. On the background of every picture there is also a moment from my own history that has somehow been significant.

While photographing for living and teaching photography I am used to being present as well as to directing the creation of the pictures. Breathings has given me a possibility to give the reins to chance and to recede from the role of an active operator into a role of an observer and a documenter.

I am a multi-tasker of photography who has settled in Oulu after the study years. I have gone around Finland after my studies and am originally from Oulainen. I got excited about photography in the beginning of the 21st century, after high school. In the beginning photography was a hobby I loved, but after my bachelor’s thesis, when becoming a journalist did not feel like my direction, I decided to make photography my profession. Photography has a deep and significant role in my life not only as a profession but also as a form of creation and a channel for self expression.


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