Pictures of the month/ Kaisa Heikkinen: Meanwhile Elsewhere

04.12.2017 - 07.01.2018

In the project Meanwhile elsewhere the pictures reflect my culture and my history. As an artist living in Northern countryside my works portray also the current state of the Northern countryside and environment. Is the Northern countryside dying while most people do not care or even notice?

Most of the pictures have been taken in a milieu of a remote abandoned house. Windows and reflections in them caught my interest. Windows create a conflict. While taking pictures of them I felt that there were other worlds waiting inside, yet unreachable for me. The reflections take the main role in most pictures. The world outside merges in with the inner one creating it’s own reality. Instead of people the window reflects landscape, emptiness, own existence in it. The point being the absence of others, the own presence is emphasized.The border of reality and the other dimension fascinated me. These are the two dimensions I combined in my pictures.  Through a window I shot the opposite window or an object inside the building. This way I could catch two dimensions in one picture, intertwining, creating an own reality.  In these pictures you can see what I saw when I pressed the shutter button.

Looking behind I can see that my culture had a big impact to the project. My culture and my feelings to the Northern countryside and its present state have an affect on my pictures.

Exhibition is introduced on Kiertelemättä gallery tour on Thursday 7.12. at 5pm.