Anne Kalliola and Riku Kaminen: Selfiestickman - Evening with Neighbours

04.08.2020 - 30.08.2020

Opening on Monday, August 3th.

Evening with the Neighbours is the result of a collaboration between photographer Anne Kalliola (1978) and artist Riku Kaminen (1976) in which the character Selfiestickman uses his mobile phone camera to capture one evening spent at the cottage with neighbours.  A humoristic social media character created by Riku Kaminen, challenges the more traditional art forms.

This rather macabre character, Selfiestickman has developed through some years in the social media, art exhibitions and face to face encounters.Over the years 2016-2019 photographer Anne Kalliola has been capturing the growth of Selfiestickman from a car enthusiast to a host who likes to deep freeze hitchhikers in his cottage freezer.

The exhibition is a curious mix of a dressy sports car driver in a very realistic run-down cottage scene and Finnish melancholy.The images are vibrant with colours and full of visual details, however the people in the images, both dead and alive, are always depicted as stone faced. There is no smiling in the world of Selfiestickman and a foot sticking out of the grill startles no one. These bottled up emotions only come out through beautiful objects and actions.

Through the photographs in this exhibition the so very Finnish trademarks such as silence and quiet acceptance are exaggerated, there is no need for words. The car is waxed but relationships are totally absurd. It is much more important to concentrate on the lottery numbers than on the body melting on the couch.

Riku Kaminen is a media professional from Lahti. His professional focus is with music recording and the production of documentaries. Kaminen is also a freelance photographer and journalist. He is active on various social media platforms however the Selfiestickman is the most experimental of his creations.

Anne Kalliola is a professional photographer and graphic designer from Muurame. From Kalliola’s images it is evident to see that this is the work of a commercial storyteller freed from the pressure of what the customer wants. Each piece has a clear story that can change from a simple to a more complex one when studied more carefully. Kalliola finds she enjoys her work best in challenging or comical situations.

The co-operation between Anne Kalliola and Riku Kaminen begun in 1998 when they worked in varying art and video projects together. Their journey with Selfiestickman started in 2016 at the edge of a field in Muurame.


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