Pictures of The Month/ Keijo Laitala: Polaroid Oulu

03.09.2018 - 30.09.2018

Instant film photography is part science and luck, chemistry and magic.

After carefully composing the scene and searching the right colour and light you press the shutter button. Then the Polaroid film comes out of the camera going through two metal rollers which spread the developing chemicals over the photo. Next part takes at least 15 minutes when the picture starts developing and during this time you have to shield the picture from light and keep it warm. After waiting patiently it is possible that you have captured something magical, something that is characteristic only when shooting Polaroid instant film. Every single photograph is unique.

Polaroid Oulu exhibition pictures have been taken during this and last summer with Polaroid Image System camera (called as Polaroid Spectra in North America) and using expired Impossible Project film. I have wandered around the city with bicycle and by foot and trying to capture colours and shapes, things and places in which I could take a picture where the unique characteristic features of the instant film could really shine. And also search beauty from mundaine things and places which could be considered ugly.

I started the Polaroid instant film shooting last summer and it has really taken me away with the fascination and excitiment it gives. Film cassette only has eight pictures so it is better to succeed at once. Adapting the ”less is more” attitude can make the film cassette to last surprisingly long time. Shooting is challenging and results can be surprising but it is really rewarding to have a tangible analog picture in your hands.

Ps. You don't shake the Polaroid picture! :)