Pictures of the Month / Marcos Katz: Lovers

02.12.2019 - 06.01.2020

Lovers is an ode to love, the kind of love one sees in public places. A camera captures precious moments as lovers show affection for each other, inspired perhaps by their surroundings or urged by their hearts, encouraged by the beautiful light or persuaded by sheltering shadows. Couples show their love on city streets, parks and cafés, sometimes with subtle gestures, sometimes with passionate acts. Public demonstrations of love are rich and diverse in form and depend on the local culture - the latter sometimes regulated by law.

The photos in the exhibition were taken in different countries over the course of several years. Nevertheless, each photo in the exhibition encapsulates an instant in the lovers’ life. It is a testimony of an intensely lived life. Each photo in the exhibition also reveals a unique story, unknown to us but one that could be realized in our imagination, that of the photographer and the viewers. This exhibition is dedicated to all lovers who populate the streets and parks of the world, proudly sharing their feelings and encouraging others to love each other.

Marcos Katz: Lovers


  • Marcos Katz: Lovers
  • Marcos Katz: Lovers