Pictures of the month/ Mesut Turan: Faces of War

13.11.2017 - 03.12.2017

This is an exhibition dealing with the conflict ares and especialy refugees of Middle East. My purpose has been to photograph the traces that escaping from war leave in a person, as violence, war and conflicts leave their marks deep into the personality for the rest of the life. Even though I have photographed people with different nationalities (Kurdish, Palestinian and Syrian), the pictures tell that the pain is the same everywhere.

The pictures in this exhibition have been taken in Turkish Kurdistan and Lebanon. The conflicts of Middle East take place far away from Finland, and that is why they might drown in the stream of news. I want to wake thoughts in the minds of the Finnish and give faces to the events left faceless with these photographs. I began to photograph with a thought that one picture could change the world, but that is not how the world changes. Violence increases violence. Violence takes us further apart from each other. This whirl can be cut with, among other things, means of photograph." 

Turan has been given a grant from Patricia Seppälä foundation for the exhibition.