Pictures of the Month / Sakari Vierola: About 2000 years AD

02.12.2020 - 31.03.2021

About 2000 years AD is a series of coincidental images captured in a moment. These images have naturally and surprisingly transformed into a series that deals with religion and its manifestation. The series highlights how religion is seen in our daily lives and how we react to it, or do we?


The latest image in the series is from 2019. The Nativity Scene image is built on the steps of a shutdown municipal building. In front of the Nativity Scene two boys read words like they were the Ten Commandments “Do not touch, do not break. Sing a Christmas carol”. Another image depicts a man who is trying to make a decision between a sausage and Jesus, during a summer night in Finland. The images captured by Vierola are like a sneak peek into the relationship between people and god.


Sakari Vierola (b. 1954, Teuva) lives and works in Tornio. “The first moment I recall with photography was on a sunny day in July on a sports field in the small municipality of Teuva back in 1966. Gold medallist, javelin thrower, archer, artist, movie star, back packer, etc. Tapio Rautavaara said “Listen son, when taking pictures, don’t face the sun”. So, we changed our positions and, in the background, we captured a slightly lopsided granary and the first decent portrait came to light.


Even today, documentary photography remains as natural as breathing for Vierola. Photography has followed him since childhood and became his profession. Vierola graduated as photographer from Taito Pirkanmaa in 2006.

Sakari Vierola


  • Sakari Vierola
  • Sakari Vierola