Kuukauden kuvat / Tanja Koistinen

02.12.2021 - 31.01.2022

Opening 1.12. klo 17


Potential partnership is a documented performance. It's a visualization of Finnish-Russian research: Oil Production networks in the Russian Arctic: societal impacts and potential for partnership. In the process artist went trough research material and implemented it trough art with self-reflective perspective. The research was conducted in the Russian Arctic: in Komi, Chutkotka, Sakhalin and Nenets within indigenous and other local peoples. For the Siberian communities, the absence of oil companies is impacting everyday living. It’s like a relationship, but is it abusive or reciprocal, loving and caring or destructive? The visibility of this partner and complexity of the relationship is shown in the research’s interviews and in the companies and the governmental representatives’ statements. The process was documented by Juliana Semenova, Sakha Republic with the assistance of Nina Perander, Kokkola 


Tanja Koistinen (1984) is an Artist from Lapland. SHe works with multi-disciplinary methods: in addition to visual arts, painting and printmaking, she works in the field of socially-engaged art and enviroment art . Her original hometown is Rovaniemi, her roots are in eastern-Inari-lake and Tornio-rivervalley, and at the moment she is living in Äkäslompolo, North-West Lapland. In her art she pictures the North, It’s identities and observations from Nature. She is inspired by the meanings of the places, and people’s connections to the places, stories and dialogue between human and surroundings. Her work is often colored by everyday realism, humor and simple notices. I "paint" what I notice, see and hear.