Pictures of the Month / Tuula Fagerholm: Ode to Things

01.04.2019 - 28.04.2019

”All my adulthood I’ve been fascinated by Pablo Neruda’s Ode to Things. Inspired by the poem I started photographing objects dear to me.

Just like Neruda, I love objects. They remind me of my family, friends and closest ones. Seeing them takes me back to my childhood, my past life and my travels - to who I was and who I am. They are part of my personal history and me. By photographing the objects I’m also archiving the family history to future generations. There will be a day when I’m not here to share the stories behind what I’ve owned. But the images will remain.

 I also love plants and therefore I’ve included flowers from my garden and nature in the images. They are linked with many memories too. Same plants that used to grow in my childhood garden are now growing at my own yard. I remember the scents from decades ago. I remember the midsummer flower fields and the delight of wandering in the middle of them.”

 Tuula Fagerholm is a teacher of Finnish language and literature, who is now retired and living in Oulu. She has also studied photography in Lappia vocational college.

Tuula Fagerholm: Ode to Things


  • Tuula Fagerholm: Ode to Things
  • Tuula Fagerholm: Ode to Things