Pictures of The Month/ Veikko Sarkkinen: Red Mill

01.08.2018 - 02.09.2018

I am an amateur photographer from Oulu.

I am willingly photographing my home town Oulu and especially locations that are already or will be facing a change. I also like documenting abandoned locations, of which decay romantics fascinates and inspires me great time.  Unfortunately abandoned locations hve to often face vandalism, and that’s what happened to ”The Red One” as well.

PUNAINEN MYLLY – RED MILL exhibition tells with pictures about the last ten years of the Toppilansalmi ”Red One”. One can see from the photographs how the building is deteriorating piece by piece and turns into a red pile of bricks. The original mill building was built in 1924, and it was extended many times during the years. By the year 2016 the old mill had to eventually give in and it was deconstructed. Well, not exactly all of it. The North end of the building was left standing and attached to the new construction. Also the Southern end of the new building is built from the bricks deconstructed from the mill, so luckily something visible from the old steam mill was left for the generations to come.


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Veikko Sarkkinen