Saku Soukka: Blind Stream

01.11.2014 - 29.11.2014

Exhibition open every day 10-20

Friday 31.10.2014 
Artist Talk 17:00-18:00

Exhibition opening 18:00-20:00

Soukka reads his poems in the opening.


The starting point for the exhibition "Blind Stream" is in Saku Soukka´s personal life, experiences and observations. In themes and turns in his works human figures sketch existential questions. Intersubjective relationships and sketches of them have their own place in this wholeness. In Soukka´s works personal comes public and vice versa.

“In my photographs, video works, installations and poems timeless themes like love, darkness, light and death etc. are combined to more time-bound themes like globalism, fragmentation of presence and conflict between natural and industrial. Works discuss individual’s relationship to wholeness and to the circle of life. I´m trying to find some kind of balance in wholeness above all in personal level”, Soukka describes his works.

When arriving to gallery space viewer is circulated by spatial story, which moves always to some direction when confronting artwork. 

Saku Soukka [b.1982 in Oulunsalo] is a last year student at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Soukka´s exhibition "Blind Stream" is his second solo exhibition. Works from this exhibition have been exhibited before in group exhibitions for example in Emma Espoo Museum of Modern Art, The Finnish Museum of Photography, the degree show at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tent academy awards in Rotterdam Holland and Studi aperti -festival in Ameno Italy.

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