Sami Parkkinen: Father and Son

04.08.2017 - 03.09.2017

Vernissage on Friday 4.8. @5pm

“Do you know why children smile so much? Because they are still able to see angels.”

Father and Son is a life-long project of a father and son. It is a manifest against greed, materialism, violence and cynicism. In the works of the series the personal stories create a universal vision of a world around us.

Sami Parkkinen´s photographs and sculptures investigate human spirituality and the need for a redefinition of society and humanity. Parkkinen became a father five years ago. He realized how children give light to our lives and help us to become less selfish. This realization and Parkkinen’s worry about the future were some of the main starting points of the Father and Son project. What kind of world we are building for our children? What will be our legacy for them?

”I’m interested in the spirituality of a human and the underlying meaning of life. In my project Father and Son I am studying how different ways we can see the world around us. What the child sees that an adult maybe cannot see? Will something disappear from us when we grow up? Can we adults wake up from hibernation and get back that brightness and light to our minds and thoughts?”

Works of the series Father and Son are primitive photography graffiti. Sami Parkkinen’s son draws with colours on his photographs. The child draws on top of the adults’ world. The works combine the systemically made marks of the real world to the wild marks made by the child. The series consist also portraits and sculptures.

Sami Parkkinen (b. 1974) is a Finnish photographer and artist. His works have been exhibited in various galleries and museums around Europe. Including National Portrait Gallery, London, Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Taidehalli / Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Anna Ahmatova museum, St Petersburg, and Rosctock Kunstahalle, Germany. His works can be found in public and private collections. 

It all comes back, 2015


  • It all comes back, 2015
  • Arvi, 2014
  • Mountain, 2014
  • Forms of anarchy, 2014