Oulunsalo Soi - Visual Artist of the Year Santeri Sarkola: At The Border of Mind

01.08.2016 - 31.08.2016


Wednesday 10.8. at 3pm


How does a human mind look?

This is the question that the exhibition ”At The Border of Mind” by the Oulunsalo Soi - Visual Artist of the Year 2016 Santeri Sarkola ponders.

The exhibition consists of works where Sarkola aims at visualizing the unconscious and intuition. He has brought elements from different fields of visual arts into his photographs, and he has also wanted to visualize thoughts and feelings that may be hard to describe with words. Sarkola has examined the unconscious and his own state of mind from a distance and also crashed into surprising thoughts.

Sarkola wants to highlight beauty and mysticism in his works. He draws inspiration into his works from paintings, video games and the colours of nature. His photographs are often born in the middle of the peace of nature or the silence of studio.

Sarkola is fascinated by the thought of the camera being a tool that can be used not only for documentation but also for creating fictional reality. By creating set works and affecting the construction of works Sarkola opens windows into imaginary worlds that are true only inside the frames.

Santeri Sarkola lives and works in Tampere. He has graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine arts.

At The Border of Mind” is exhibited in Oulunsalo library located inside the shopping centre Kapteeni in August 2016.