Satu Haavisto & Aino Kannisto: Delicate Demons

23.04.2016 - 22.05.2016

Friday 22.4.

Artist Talk @17

Vernissage @18


Photographic artists Satu Haavisto and Aino Kannisto are doing experimental cooperation with their series Delicate Demons, which has the different experiences of womanhood and the often contradictory dimensions of it in its core. In the works of the series Delicate Demons ordinary women of different ages act as models in milieus and situations built for the pictures by the artists.

Haavisto and Kannisto have created different possible, often quite intimate and restrained scenarios from the everyday life of women into their pictures. The everyday life itself in its all concreteness is not per se the actual theme of their works. The pictures tell more about the physical and emotional experience of being a woman that happens around everyday life.

The artists have wanted to bring to front such aspects of womanhood that are easily perceived intimate either a banal or embarrassing way. They have created in their pictures surfaces of identification for experiences and feelings that otherwise would not end up getting attention and that are easily bypassed as too difficult or confusing.

The object of this artistic cooperation has been to challenge one’s own professional customs and to find new ways of working. Doing artistic work in an inseparable collaboration with another artist has required opening one’s own working process verbally as well as defining and justifying own solutions and objects that have become unquestioned to oneself.

Sharing responsibilities and negotiating about power when making artistic decisions has thrown the artists to a new, undiscovered ground.  ”In practice the process looks like a trained dance routine, where in turns the other leads the other and in turns gives space for improvisation”, the artists describe their experience.

The works of the series have been exhibited in the Projekti-space of the Finnish Museum of Photography. In addition the works have been exhibited in the Promenadigalleria in Hyvinkää, in the Belfast Photo Festival in Northern Ireland as well as in Turku Biennale 2015. The cooperation of the artists is continuing within creating new works, arranging exhibitions and a book project.

Photographic artist Satu Haavisto (b.1975) was graduated as Master of Arts from the Aalto University in 2011 and is now finishing her Bachelor studies in Helsinki University with cultural and social anthropology and women’s studies as her subjects. Haavisto has had solo exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2003.

Photographic artist Aino Kannisto (b.1973) graduated as Master of Arts from the Art Academy, department of photography in 2002. Since 2000 Kannisto has had various solo exhibitions in Finland and abroad and since 1998 participated in group exhibitions. There are Kannisto’s works in Finnish and foreign collections. In the year 2006 Kannisto was granted with a five-year working grant and she was given the William Thuring price by the Finnish Art Society.