Pictures of The Month/ Seppo Hinkula: Submersions

04.02.2019 - 03.03.2019

 ”Photography can and sometimes even has to be a play. This was the starting point when Seppo Hinkula created the photographs for his exhibition Immersions”.

 The exhibition consists of twelve pictures of an aquarium. Most of them present natural objects, such as rosehips, strawberries and bell peppers, submersing in the water. The objects create a unique world each time they plunge through the surface. In few of the images you can see Lego figures floating in the water. One of the images studies the power of a human fist.

 The photographer, Seppo Hinkula, was born in Lumijoki and has lived in Oulu. After retiring he relocated to a former mining town, Leppävirta in Olavinkoski. Photography is a hobby of his. He has also studied photography in Lappia vocational college in 2009-2011.

 You can find a video of the exhibition images here.