Korpúlfsstaðir, Iceland

Supplemental Call for proposals for artist groups between May 5th and June 10th 2020: Korpúlfsstaðir, Iceland

Due to COVID-19 the planned residence programme in Korpúlfsstaðir, Iceland in August 2020 has been postponed to be organized in June 2021.

Northern Photographic Centre, the Arts promotion centre Finland and SÌm reopen the open call for group residence in Korpúlfsstaðir, Iceland. Already submitted proposals are taken into account. 

Artist-in-residence program is focused on groups of two to three artists who are based in Northern Finland or artists that identify themselves to the North or whose work has a strong connection with the Northern Finland. 

Organizers encourage artist from different fields to apply to the artist-in-residency program. Proposals needs to be based on photographic art and at least one of the participants need to be photographer. The project can also be between photographers.

The Selected artist group will receive 1500 euros for a month long residence. Residence program will also cover the travel costs and provide the accommodation and workspace.

Please, include on your application in English:

  1. Schedule of work and cooperation.
  2. Abstract of resume for each member.
  3. 3-5 sample images of the project or previous works. 

Applications are asked to be submitted in one .PDF file with a maximum size of 8M. The Applications must be submitted by e-mail to .

The Open call closes on June 10th at 4 pm (Finnish time). 

The artist-in-residence program candidates are selected by the Northern Photographic Centre and the Icelandic artist organization SÍM. The candidates will be informed in August 2020. 

Project that increases artists mobility is a part of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland’s project between artists residencies. The aim is to provide accessible residency programmes to artists and by that increase internationalizion. Artist-in-residency pilot together with Northern Photographic Centre provides a residency in June 2021 from Korpúlfsstaðir, Iceland.

SÍM is an artist organization based in Iceland. They coordinate two residencies in the country and the A-i-R program together with the Northern Photographic Centre is located in Korpúlfsstaðir 10km from Reykjavik. The whole residency is reserved for the selected artist group in July 2021 (three bedrooms, kitchen and studios).

More information about the residency: https://www.sim-residency.info/korpulfsstadir

More information about the open call:

Alla Räisänen
Northern Photocraphic Centre

+358 40 7272 135

More information about the residency

Malla Alatalo
Arts Promotion Centre

+358 295 330 859