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Exploring Ways to Exist in These Interlacing Worlds





Maria Rannanheimo‘s exhibition Exploring Ways to Exist in These Interlacing Worlds examines the possibilities of being: how to balance between different realities and states of existence when the boundaries and dimensions of things are sometimes blurred, sometimes clearer?

Layers of worlds and intersections of time that become visible in random places and moments are made tangible in the photographs exhibited in the Photo North lobby gallery. Straddling the boundary between the abstract and the representational, the photographs depict chance and non-presumption. Familiar things, surfaces, materials and the combinations of reflections and layers they evoke open up new, flexible dimensions that the mind can occupy and explore in new ways. The video work You Are Here (2022) is about skin and its pervasive, ageless need for connection, transience and permanence. The exhibition outlines spaces for new ways of being in the world.

Maria Rannanheimo
Exploring Ways to Exist in These Interlacing Worlds

Photo North – Northern Photography Centre, foyer gallery

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Maria Rannanheimo