Photo North

Kuva: Matteo Parrotto
Jussi Puikkonen, Pilluralli. Kuva: Matteo Parrotto

Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre is a regional photographic Centre established in 1987 to operate in the Northern regions of Finland.

The main function of the photographic centre is to promote and develop photographic art and culture in the region. The centre organises exhibitions of Finnish and international photographic art. In addition to the exhibitions Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre organises and coordinates photography workshops, seminars and various projects exploring photographic art.

As a member of the Association of Photographic Artists and the national network of photographic centres, Photo North – Northern Photographic Center shares current and important information about the photographic scene and its best practices. Currently, the network is preparing a road map of photographic art generating new information, knowledge and ideas for the art field. The other members of the network are: Fotocentrum Raseborg ValovakuvakeskusLuovan valokuvauksen keskusPohjanmaan valokuvakeskus (POVA)Valokuvakeskus NykyaikaValokuvakeskus Peri and VB Valokuvakeskus

Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre is one of the founding members of the Nordic Photography Network founded in 2012. The other members are  The Association of Photographic Artists (Helsinki, Finland), Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre (Oulu, Finland), Galleri Image (Aarhus, Denmark), Fotografisk Center (Copenhagen, Denmark), Forbundet Frie Fotografer (Oslo, Norway), Fotogalleriet (Oslo, Norway), Centrum för fotografi (Stockholm, Sweden), Landskrona Foto (Landskrona, Sweden), Galleri Format (Malmö, Sweden), The Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association (Reykjavik, Iceland), The Icelandic Photo Festival (Reykjavik, Iceland), Kaunas Photography Gallery (Kaunas, Lithuania). The network meets regularly and develops the Scandinavian field. 

The activities of Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre are targeted for anyone interested in photography and visual culture.

Photo North – The Northern Photography Center has a partnership agreement with the city of Oulu. Along with the city of Oulu, the operation of the Photo Center is financed by the Art Promotion Center and the Kone Foundation in the years 2022-2025. Funding is also applied for annually from various foundations and funds.

Photo North – North Photo Center is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm at Hallituskatu 7.

Admission to exhibitions is free.


Photo North – North Photo Center offers the public free guided tours on request on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm. In addition, PVK’s gallery participates in the monthly guided exhibition tour at Kulttuuritalo Valve


Darja Zaitsev

Executive director, Curator
+358 40 187 4558

Taija Jyrkäs

+358 40 128 1 150

Antti Tenetz

More than Planet project manager
+358 40 163 3964


Kati Leinonen (Chair Person)

Julia Heikkinen (vice Chair Person)

Antti J. Leinonen

Mari Mäkiranta

Karoliina Paatos

Vesa Ranta