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16.3.2023 at 5 p.m.

Winter. The light is scarce. You can feel the cold on your face and the wind blows snow into your eyes. The frost covers the trees in an icy mantle and nature falls into hibernation. The objects are left to survive at the mercy of Jack Frost, waiting for the rays of the coming spring sun. 

Longing takes over the mind. 

Keijo Laitala’s Kaiho, displayed in the Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre’s lobby gallery, is based on the melancholic street and nature photography of the Northern winter; the black and white works depict the scarce light, wistful moods and quiet melancholy  of Oulu’s winter. In the series of work, man can be seen as a trace in the landscape – in some, man tries to control or  use the power of landscape. The vividness and changing shape of the landscape tempt the viewer to look longer. In connection with the exhibition, you can also see and browse the Longing (Kaiho) magazine, which brings together a wider collection of works from the same series. The  publication has been developed in Oulu-opisto’s Photo book and creative photography (Photo book ja luova kuvaus) course. 

Images of the Month
Keijo Laitala
Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre, lobby gallery
Culture House Valve, Hallituskatu 7, 90100 Oulu

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Keijo Laitala