Meri-Toppila Photowalk exhibition





Meri-Toppila Photowalk exhibition takes over the Meri-Toppila area from 16 December 2023 to 5 January 2024

An outdoor photograph exhibition by Photo North – Northern Photography Centre invites everyone to walk in the footsteps of photographers in the Meri-Toppila area on Saturday 16 December at 12. The exhibition of approximately twenty photographs is spread over the Meri-Toppila area on the façades of buildings and among trees in the parks in the area.

Meri-Toppila Photowalk is the second Photo North – Northern Photography Centre photowalk open to the public, including local residents. Under the guidance of media and visual artist Tuomo Kangasmaa the photowalk group has come together approximately once per month to photograph and look at the district of Meri-Toppila with new eyes.

“When walking, the observer of the external environment also becomes an observer of his or her own internal reality“, sums up Tuomo Kangasmaa, the leader of the photo walks. With these words, Photo North invites everyone to Meri-Toppila to take a walk guided by the photographs. As part of the Meri-Toppila Photowalk project and in addition to the exhibition, a special fanzine that takes a look at the history of the area, presents a larger sample of the photowalk photographs and reflects on life in Meri-Toppila and the importance of photography and walking in text form has been published.

Photo North’s first photowalk was organised in 2022 in Kaijonharju as part of the City of Oulu’s Sustainable Kaijonharju project. The project culminated in a wintertime photograph exhibition in the Kaijonharju area in 2022 and a fanzine about the project. The photowalk project is funded by the City of Oulu’s district culture initiative.

The 2023 exhibition will open on Saturday 16 December 2023 at noon. The opening will be held at the Alvari community house at Kuorimokatu 1, 90520 Oulu. From the opening, a joint walking tour of the Meri-Toppila area will start at approximately 12:30. The photographs will be on display in the Meri-Toppila area until 5 May  2024.

Download .pdf map from here or explore the works via Atla

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