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tää ois






Lobby 2.–31.8.2022

Opening on Monday August 1 at 5pm

tää ois (work in progress) is an interdisciplinary project about womanhood, femininity and the performance of femininity, by artists Inkeri Jäntti and Inka Kuivamäki. It aims to question both personal and societal definition and interpretation of gender. Who is allowed to be a right kind of woman? Is a woman always defined by her sexuality, in one way or another? What would it be like to break away from the stereotypical gender interpretations and still call yourself a woman? The project was born as a dialogue between two women and it’s also an exploration on collaboration and how the subject and the photographer create a story in collaboration; together but not in symbiosis. tää ois also examines how photographs are born again and again with audio and written word, as the creators and viewers give them new meanings. This “Pictures of the Month” exhibition shows glimpses and selected pieces of the project that is still a work in progress.

Inkeri is a photographer and producer born and working in Oulu. She is interested in the space between documentative and narrative photography and has a particular interest for abandoned places and local history. Inka is currently studying early childhood education at University of Oulu. She has worked as a teacher at Valveen Sanataidekoulu. She is also an active member of several local cultural organizations, such as Tilaa Kulttuurille ry (as a chairperson) and Paskakaupunni ry. As an educator she is interested in the narrative of possibilities and creating safe growing space through speech and written words.

An open guided tour of the exhibition will be organized as part of Kulttuuritalo Valves monthly exhibition tours on Thursday, August 11. From 5 pm

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Inkeri Jäntti & Inka Kuivamäki