Photobook Award 2021





15.12.2022 at 5 pm

The Photobook Award 2021 exhibition features the five finalist photobooks for the prize awarded in April 2022. The books are displayed in the exhibition along with several of the authors’ works related to publications, shedding light on the process of creating a photographic art book.

The finalists for the 2021 Photobook Award presented at the exhibition are Elina Brotherus with her work Seabound. A logbook (Kehrer Verlag), Sheung Yiu with his book Ground Truth (The Eriskay Connection), Laura Horelli with her work Changes in Direction. A Journal (ArchiveBooks), Marko Hämäläinen with his work Hiljaisuus liikkuu tuulessa / Silence moves with the wind and Niko Luoma with his book For Each Minute – Sixty-five Seconds (Hatje Cantz). The 2021 award winner was chosen by photographer Paula Roush from London and the prize was awarded to two winners, Elina Bortherus and Sheung Yiu.

More information coming soon. You can read more about the award at photobookaward.fi

(Photos: Minna Kurjenluoma)

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