Kaijonharju Photowalk




10.9.2022 at 12-14
Kaijontupa, Kalevalantie 5

Kestävä Kaijoharju project invites people of Kaijonharju to be local guides to introduce others to their significant places. During the project, a series of photowalks will be organised, in which visual artist Tuomo Kangasmaa will lead the participants into the world of viewing and seeing.

During photowalks, we look at the environment more gently, more critically, and with new eyes. Afterwards, we gather at Kaijontupa, where we look at images taken together and talk. The photos from the walks will be compiled into a small magazine (zine) and an exhibition at Kaijontupa in October-December 2022.

The aim of the project is to reacquaint oneself with one’s surroundings. Do we see something with new eyes, are we more merciful or unmerciful? What do the photos tell about us and our environment? Outside of the meetings, one can participate in the workshop on the web-based Padlet platform, which is created as an online gallery that connects the meetings. Link to the Padlet platform:

The project is realised together with city of Oulu.


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Tuomo Kangasmaa